George Washington declared the
value of his painted canvas rug to be
$14.32 when he left the White House.  While the value
has changed, painted floor cloths have proven their
strength and durability.  Each custom floor cloth is made
of stretched canvas.  It is double primed front and back,
painted, then protected with 4-6 coats
of polyurethane on the front and one on  the back.  The
sides are hemmed to
prevent fraying.

If you don't see something you like at a show, Christy will
custom design a piece  for your size and location.  
Styles include black and white marble, abstract designs,
and Christy's own fun and funky painted combinations.  

Each of her custom floor cloths are signed and dated
and comes with instructions on how to care for them.  

Prices start at $40.00 per square foot and take about 4-6
weeks for delivery.
Custom Floorcloth